McDonald Steel Corporation

McDonald Steel is tooled to produce hundreds of asymmetrical hot rolled shapes, and has a 30-year track record of high levels of quality, service, and reliability.  We are committed to manufacturing quality products, pursuing continual improvement, and exceeding customer expectations.

ISO 9001 Certified

McDonald Steel is an ISO 9001 certified company committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products while striving for continual improvement.  The Lean Manufacturing program at McDonald Steel ensures the company operates efficiently and provides a quality product. Our Lean Team...

Hot Rolled Steel Shapes

McDonald Steel produces near net steel shapes.  These highly engineered steel products are designed to save our customers time and money.  McDonald Steel shapes are a good alternative to forgings, castings, and cold formed shapes.  

Engineered Steel Special Shapes

McDonald Steel is a producer of engineered steel special shapes. McDonald Steel products are used in a variety of industries.  Products include automotive hinges, on and off-road wheel rims, railroad applications, concrete spigot couplings, bridge decking, and expansion joints, to name a few. McDonald Steel products are ideal for any customer who wants a near net steel shape that requires minimal machining.  McDonald Steel is ISO 9001 certified, has a comprehensive metallurgical test laboratory, and offers indoor storage of product at no cost for up to one year.  The warehouse facility is complete with rail and truck containerization, Just-In-Time Inventory stocking, and off the shelf shipping. You can count on McDonald Steel to provide product with minimal lead times and with high quality. McDonald Steel shapes are a strong alternative to forgings, castings, and cold formed shapes.

Metallurgical Laboratory

McDonald Steel boasts a fully equipped Metallurgical Lab. It provides support for our ISO 9001 certification plus documented reports of tests required by our customers. This fully-equipped testing facility features a Stress Strain Recorder, a Tensile Test Machine, a spark tester, an abrasive cut-off saw, a belt grinder, mounting press, finishing grinders, polishing wheels, a vented hood for acid etching and a Metallograph ... all are for performing Tensile and Macro Etch tests as well as Microstructural Analyses.

ISO 9001 Certification

McDonald Steel is now registered and certified to the ISO 9001 international quality standard as recognized in the United States by the Registrar Accreditation Board...and is operating daily within the quality criteria set by that standard. McDonald Steel designs and engineers our products as well as manufactures and distributes them.  

Reliable World-Class Supplier

Another McDonald Steel service is our extensive warehouse facility complete with rail and truck containerization, Just-In-Time Inventory Stocking and off-the-shelf shipping.  You can count on McDonald Steel to supply prime quality Hot Rolled Bars and Shapes on time, to your specs, and in the exact quantity you ordered ... because we are 33% Employee Owned, 100% Employee Empowered, operating under gainsharing principles, and certified to design, manufacture and distribute via ISO 9001 quality standards. Our engineered hot rolled steel shapes are the low cost, high-quality alternative to forgings, castings, and cold formed shapes.