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Our History

McDonald Steel has a long, proud history.  Located in McDonald, Ohio, we are a strong company that continues to grow.  We recently celebrated our 30-year anniversary.  The phoenix-like rise of McDonald Steel occurred in an area and at a time when large steel manufacturers had been closing their facilities.

Acting as an entrepreneur, Mr. Dave Houck put together a strong business plan, formed a highly specialized management team, gathered capital, leased a part of the mill, and opened the facility as McDonald Steel.  McDonald Steel was privately funded with money from 23 Mahoning Valley investors.  Chief among these investors were David Tod and Dan Roth of Torent, Inc. Torent, Inc. was engaged in the venture capital business, as well as acquiring and selling operating companies, providing financial and management advisory services to companies, and arranging and participating in mergers and acquisitions.

McDonald Steel's 14" steel shape mill began operating in December 1981 with 75 employees, and an 8" bar mill came online in July 1983.

McDonald's 14" mill is a cross-country free bar mill, which means that, after the hot bar of steel leaves the fourth of the eleven rolling stands, it is not in more than one roll stand at any time, and is free to elongate. This is vital to hot rolling non-symmetrical shapes, since one side will elongate faster and further than the other.  This is in contrast to most modern bar mills that can only hot roll symmetrical shapes such as rounds, squares, etc.  The McDonald Steel facility is one of only a few non-symmetrical mills in the world.

The 8" mill is an eleven-stand Belgian looping mill which produces hot rolled bars up to 1.5" in width, cut to length or coiled.  Products offered include bar flats, squares, half rounds, angles, channels, and special sections.

Today, McDonald Steel is the leading domestic provider of highly engineered hot rolled steel special shapes.



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